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cuap-cuap 2

”My lovely Mother”
            My mother ‘s name is Sipatun, she lives in Pontianak. My mother is beautiful, kind and humble. My mother is also wise, responsible and when she speaks, she always speaks honestly.

            My mother is not too tall and not too short, her body is a little thin, she has ellipse face, yellow skin, long haired, but my mother doesn’t have a sharp nosed. Many people like my mother, because my mother is very helpful, patient, friendly, and she is not stingy. I also can say that my mother is pious, because she is diligent to go to the mosque to do prayer together.

            My mother”s job is house wife, but although she is a house wife, she always works hard to help my father is farming. My mother is very lazy work. So I love mother very much.

I love you mom ^__^
Yo’re my everything ^___^

Vocabularies :
‘s                     : tanda kepemilikan
Honest-ly        : dengan jujur (ly bermakna DENGAN)
Too                  : sangat
Say                  : berkata
Although         : walaupun
Job                   : pekerjaan
Never              : tidak pernah
Can                  : bisa / mampu
Lovely             :  tercinta
Farming           : kebun
Patient             : sabar
 “happy Blogging Guys ^__^”

I do hope, it can be useful, aminnn


“ My Lovely Friends”
“Ayu Family”
            Ayu is a student of University, she lives is Siantan. Ayu is Twelve brothers, four girls and eight boys. Ayu has two nieces and three nephews from is elder brother.

            Ayu is adopted child, because she was adopted by her aunt when she was infant. Her mother’s job is servant, and her father’s job is carpenter. Her foster mother is food trader and her foster father is entrepreneur.

            Ayu lives together with her foster parents and also with three adopted brothers. Her first adopted brother is a girl, she has married, she is a house wife and her husband is a driver.

            Even if Ayu is still student of University, but she can work every day.she works in mini market as a keeper. Although Ayu is female but she can work as if she is a boy.

Vocabularies :
Elder (old)                   : lebih tua
Move                           : pindah
Own house                  : rumah sendiri
Even if                                    : bahkan
Once                            : satu kali
Job                               : pekerjaan
Although                     : walaupun
As if                            : seolah-olah

Keeper                         : pejaga

Kamis, 23 Maret 2017


            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
Excellency Miss Dini Haiti Zulfani as the Teacher of  Bahasa Inggris Ekonomi
Dear all of my beloved friends
            Firstly, let’s thankful into Allah SWT who has been giving us mercies and blessing, so we can attend and gather in this meeting in good condition and happy situation without any troubles and obstacles.
            Secondly, Sholawat and salam always be with our prophet Mohammad SAW, who has guided us from the Jahiliyah to Islamiah, from stupidity to cleaverness, namely Islamic religion, the truest religion in the world as well as in here after.
            Thirdly, I’ll never forget to say thank you very much to Mistress of Ceremony who has given me time to deliver my speech under the title…

            As we know that knowing the how to be a good student is very necessary for the students, especially in reaching aspiration. If we want to be good students, we must have some criteria below :
Ø  The first criteria, we must have good IQ (Intelegennce Questions). If we don’t have good IQ, of course it’s very difficult to be good students. But don’t be hopeless if we have low IQ because we still have second criteria.
Ø  The second criteria, we must be diligent. If we are diligent, we will be able to understand what our teacher teaches us, it often happens that the person having low IQ but diligent is better than having high IQ but lazy. The best person is high IQ and diligent, and the contrary the worst person is low IQ/stupid and also lazy.
Ø  The third criteria is money. We have realized that everything needs money.
Ø  The fourth criteria we must have a teacher, because studying without any teacher is dangerous.
Ø  The fifth criteria, we must worship and pray to God, because “ Man proposes but God disposes”.
I think that’s all my speech, I do hope, it can be useful, aminnn ^__^



I read a book entitled “ Why Do Diamonds Glitter”. From I read the book. I know about Diamonds Glitter.

“diamonds do not glitter when they first come out of the ground. Each facet only really shines when it is polished and cut into different shapes.”

Diamonds glitter because the facets slow down light shining on them. It isn’t really the diamond that is shining. It is reflecting the light that shines on it. The light bends at different angles, so the more facets the diamond has, the more reflections there more.” 

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


“ Ask An Expert ”

            Hay guys…… !!!!!!
            How are you ? is it good ? I hope you guys both just fine, because in a discussion of this time we will discuss topics about “ Ask An Expert “.

            So, after doing an interview some time ago to an expert makes of cakes that have been successful run her hobby into a profitable business to do at the moment in the sidelines of her time taking care of her husband and her son.

            The name is Riski, A young mother who was so years old have a home –based business in the making of any kind of cake, ranging from fried foods like a fried tofu vegetable contents, tempe fried flour, crispy fried banana, risol, egg rolls, a small pie and some character cakes for birthdays or weddings.

            This venture began suffered after her marriage. “ initially only as an order of the family course but as time went on people began ordering the cake to me” her said.

            Whether Riski had trouble the first time you receive an order ?
“ Alhamdulillah, There are no difficulties that occur when I received the order the cake from peoples because making the cake is the thing I like best, It’s just that sometimes a concern when the cakes that I create the taste will disappoint but to date there is still no complaints from my customers “ Riski said.

            From interviews I have done some time ago can be conclude that :
“ the skills we have can be developed into a business that can make money. In addition tio making money open the effort with the skills we have, indirectly can develop skills that we have, and we will have no trouble at the time of running a business because business was done with the things we love.”

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Nama               : SAROPAH
NIM                : F1031161079
Study Major    : FKIP Ekonomi
Class                : A

1.      What is Harry Potter ?
Answes :
Harry Potter is the series seven fantasy novels written by the British author J. K. Rowling the novels Chronicle the life of a young Wizard, Harry Potter.

2.      How many best friends does Harry Potter have mention their name ?
Answer :
His best friends is Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

3.      What happened on June 30, 1997 ?
Answer :
On June 30, 1997 release of the first novel and the books have found immense popularity critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide. Includding concern about the increasingly dark tone. The books have sold more than 400 million copies, the best-selling book series in history and have been translated into 67 languages.

4.      According to Rowling, what is the main theme of Harry Potter?
Answer :

The main story arc concerns Harry’s struggle aggainst Lord Voldemort, a dark Wizard who intends to become immortal, the Wizard governing body known as the ministry of magic and subjugate all wizard and Muggle.

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Asslamualaikum guys, How are you ? I hope you guys are fine at this time. Do I am fine? Of course. I was very good, healthy and happy as well because life should be happy. No doubt. ^__^

This time we meet for the second time, I hope you guys are not disappointed by my first article. Ckckck ^_^ I wouldn’t say my first article is fine. Because I know to understand it requires more patience, same with the second article that I am currently. “ My friends are sorry” ^_^

Okay, as always before I explain the topic this time. I will continue our introduction of time first. Last week, the introduction of us just got to my name is very unique it. Next, after the name is usually directly or your date of birth. My date of birth is August 10 years….? -_-. It looks like my birth year need not be mentioned here because it was determined I was a single girl hahah ( Side effects because it has not met my soul mate ).

Well I think enough for frontline. Now we are going back on the topics that we discuss this time. Today I will discuss about the skills that I have. You guys surely know that everyone has there own skills. Including me. =D

It used to be when I was a kid often crossed my mind the questions are without me even realizing appears in my mind. Like, roughly what kind of skills I have? Do people like me have skills? Does everyone have certainly have skills? If skills in a person already exists since someone born into the word or the skills to look for yourself when someone is an adult? Whether a hobby it is definitely expertise that we have? What if someone does not have any skills? Can we determine someone’s skills? Can we have the skills we provide to others? (indeed, the expertise of such goods) ^_^.

Is enough to question that will not be exhausted if I write here. Please believe this story used to be just a child and innocent yet knowing what it was gutted -_- ( ups !! what is the relationship breakup with skills) The bottom line is it just a question that arose in the mind of a small child. Hahah ^_^

To skills I currently have is rock climbing, rappelling and certainly mandatory skills which must be owned by a women especially if not cooking. Currently only the it sskill that I realize there is within me and I mastered.

To develop the skills that I have in the field of rock climbing, I usually do the exercise together with my friends in the climbing wall that is in Gempar FKIP Untan. As for the affairs of the cooking I never do exercise due to cooking is a routine I do every day at home.

It’s a skill that I have.
What about the skills you guys ^__^!!!!!!!!