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review movie akeelah and the bee

Akeelah (Keke Palmer) is an eleven-year-old seventh grader at a black middle school in South Los Angeles' Crenshaw district. Although she has a best friend, she feels lonely and isolated at school. Her mother Tanya (Angela Bassett) works as a nurse and has her hands full. One of her sons is in the Air Force and the other is already in trouble on the streets. Akeelah's father was shot while coming home from work and died when she was just six.
At school, her teacher (Dalia Phillips) realizes that Akeelah has a special gift for spelling and encourages her to sign up for the school's spelling bee, a suggestion further encouraged by her principal, Mr. Welch (Curtis Armstrong), who would love to have his poverty-stricken school look good in the district. But Akeelah doesn't want to come across as a "brainiac" to her classmates. And besides, she says, she doesn't even like her school and doesn't see why she should represent it. All this resistance is just masking her low self-esteem. But she does compete and easily wins.
Mr. Welch has invited Dr. Larabee (Laurence Fishburne), a professor from ULCA and a former spelling bee champ, to the event. He is impressed with Akeelah but, despite her wonderful memory, he is not convinced that she has the discipline and creativity it takes to make it to the nationals in Washington D.C. Unimpressed with her street lingo and attitude, he turns her away when she comes to him for coaching. When he finally agrees to work with her, he realizes what she really needs and asks her to read a framed quotation he has on his office wall. We recognized it as Marianne Williamson's from A Return to Love:
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually who are you not to be? . . . We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us."
Writer and director Doug Atchison's screenplay for Akeelah and the Bee won the Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting competition sponsored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It vividly conveys the conflict within this African-American teenager who is given a chance to display her special talent but is frightened to do so. She is alienated from the place where she lives and has bought into the idea that nothing good can come out of a run-down school and a community where people don't care about each other. That's why she's been skipping classes and not applying herself. But she has one thing going for her: the inspiration of her dead father who loved words and always encouraged her.
The relationship that develops between Akeelah and Dr. Larabee, an intellectual with his own private struggle, is emotionally affecting given how much they come to depend on each other. The professor teaches her about word construction, etymologies, and mnemonic tricks. In one of the best scenes, he shows her how small words hold the key to breaking down the winning words used in the final rounds of spelling bees. It's also a pleasure to watch Akeelah develop a friendship with Javier (JR. Villarreal), a Hispanic competitor who develops a crush on her. Although everyone hates Dylan Chiu (Sean Michael Afable), an Asian prodigy with a tyrannical father (Tzi Ma), her heart goes out to this driven boy who lives under incredible pressure.
Although we loved Spellbound, the documentary about the National Spelling Bee, and were moved by last year's Bee Season, Akeelah and the Bee moves out beyond the spelling bee circuit and turns into a film about a whole community. This thematic richness and the exquisite performance by Keke Palmer makes this one of the best films of the year.
One source of Akeelah's initial alienation is that she feels cut off from her community. But when she qualifies for the nationals in Washington and Dr. Larabee cuts her loose, giving her four yellow boxes full of cards with words to learn, she is forced to find help wherever she can — from her family, friends, classmates, and neighbors. In one of the most surprising scenes, a drug dealer shares that he won a contest in grade school for writing a poem; he promises to share it with her if she wins in Washington. Better than that, he and his gang help her prepare.
Long before the final competition, Akeelah has claimed her power and seen it nurtured by her whole community. She has stepped into the spotlight as a brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous child of God. And we, in the audience, feel just like her. 

happy watching guys !!!!

speech for final exam

            Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
Excellency Miss Dini Haiti Zulfani as the Lecture of  Economic English Language.
Dear all of my beloved friends
            Firstly, let’s thankful unto Allah SWT who has been giving us mercies and blessing, so we can attend and gather in this meeting in good condition and happy situation without any troubles and obstacles.
            Secondly, Sholawat and salam always be with our prophet Mohammad SAW, who has guided us from the Jahiliyah to Islamiah, from stupidity to cleavernes, namely Islamic religion, the truest religion in the world as well as in here after.
            Thirdly, I’ll never forget to say thank you very much to Mistress of Ceremony who has given me time to deliver my speech under the title…
            As we know that knowing the how to be a good student is very necessary for the students, especially in reaching aspiration. If we want to be good students, we must have some criteria below :
Ø  The first criteria, we must have good IQ (Intelegence Questions). If we don’t have good IQ, of course it’s very difficult to be good students. But don’t be hopeless if we have low IQ because we still have second criteria.
Ø  The second criteria, we must be diligent. If we are diligent, we will be able to understand what our teacher teaches us, it often happens that the person having low IQ but diligent is better than having high IQ but lazy. The best person is high IQ and diligent, and the contrary the worst person is low IQ/stupid and also lazy.
Ø  The third criteria is money. We have realized that everything needs money.
Ø  The fourth criteria we must have a teacher, because studying without any teacher is dangerous.
Ø  The fifth criteria, we must worship and pray to God, because “ Man proposes but God disposes”.
I think that’s all my speech, I do hope, it can be useful, aminnn ^__^
Thank’s for your attention, good bye

 note :
maafkan backsound nya  miss tetesan ujan yang semakin lama semakin -_-" hiikkss

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“My Future Business”
            Assalamualaikum wr.wb..... !!!
Hay guys!! We meet agains this time. But you guys calm down I won’t say much more here. Hehe J, because I fear, If I talk a lot of things that are not important here you will fall asleep because sleepy read it. Hiks T_T
            If we jump to the topic we discuss problems this time. Today we will discuss “ My Future Business”. Please refer to the exposure of my business in the future. Kekekek ^.^

SAROPAH ( F1031161079 )
No Hp : 089618551530

Program studi Pendidikan Ekonomi
Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan
Universitas Tanjungpura

A. Background
Have you ever heard of a cleansing of the glass building that uses the rock climber? The answer might just once but it is very unique for both the general public as well as for us as the owner of this service. We use a tool – the tool of the rock climbers in General and professional rock climber.
At the moment, with the advancement of technology and the creativity of the community that is increasingly high, many once sprung  building with a unique artitektur. A lot of the drudgery of building glass cleaner. Because the tool of those who are less flexible. Unlike the us, we have the  tools that are more flexible and are called by methods of the Rope Accsess.
Rope Accsess is the access method uses a rope and climbing techniques for reaching difficult access areas the rope allows the performance of a variety of jobs to reach areas without scaffolding or heavy equipment. Rope access evolved from techniques used in rock climbing and leads to be very secure and cost effective industry.
B. Justification Business Object Selection
compared with other building cleaning method using peranca or gondola that workwill require a relatively long and will interfere with your work activities in the building as well as many leave the waste remaining work.

C. Business Purposes to be achieved
My goal of running a business venture rope acsess this cleaning service due to pontianak in areas no one has run it so the prospect of very large and this business suitmy hobbies because the work performed based on hobbies it would be easier to run.

 D. The address of place of business
We run our business is housed in a temporary base camp uproar FKIP JL. Prof. Dr. h.Hadari Nawawi because we live in base camp is also the uproar as a place of marketing or the Office.

The Analysis Of The Product
A. The name and type of the product, the characteristics of the product
The products I try building maintenance services engaged in this kind of business is the business of providing services.
B. Product benefits Compared with other products in the market
Advantages of this product is more secure, flexible, do not disturb the work on the building, a difficult place to reach, leave no waste remaining work time and work relatively quickly.
C. Linkages with other products Including raw material Acquisition
I will deal with the company that provides rock climbing equipment such as the eiger, rei and consina.

Market Analysis
A. Consumer Profile
Our consumers include Manager of tall buildings such as hotels, offices and the hospital.
B. potential and market segmentation
Building maintenance services in the area of the famous but yet indeed Pontianak to Jakarta and the surrounding area in the service building care is sufficient is known for it because of the large number of tall buildings in the area and will request the appearance and cleanliness of the building. In pontianak not inferior compared to DKI Jakarta area here already much popping skyscraper buildings we offer our servicesto do the maintenance of buildings including the building that you manage look seedy and not well maintained.
The cleanliness of the building be a mirror of life. Craving for the owner. Generally the building clean, much sought after by Business Experts to run its business or suchbusiness. Getting clean and well maintained building, increasingly many devotees. Building a clean, more sought after by people-people who want to establish a business venture, want health-awake, or want to maintain self-esteem. Because for them the company's lifestyle is the most valuable trust turnover.
Cleaning of Glass outside the building by Rope Access method is the most effectivemethod, safe, efficient and economical cost. The time the work was more effective than the peranca gondola, or scaffolding, the cost of any issued more efficiently andwork his work activities penetrate in the Office.
C. competitors and market opportunities
Yet the presence of running this venture in the area of pontianak so that market opportunity is still wide open.
D. Promotional Media that will be used
The proposals offer services, liflet and brochures-brochures offer services to Manager of the building.
E. the Target Or one-year Sales Plan
Planning sales targets in 1 year is able to clean the 12 buildings with 1 building permonth.
F. marketing strategies that will be applied
Our marketing strategies do is give discounted prices for each service will also be the first cooperation in the form of subscription offerings in the form of employment contract for the cleaning of the periodical also with discounted rates and with the best service.

It is a bit of an overview of the business that I will develop in the future. -___-
How do future business with you guys ^_^